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Late Night Phone Call



Arthur usually finds blatant fishing for compliments extremely irritating, but in Eames’ case he is reluctantly charmed. In fact, he writes the phrase “reluctantly charmed” into the Eames notebook the moment the words occur to him because they so perfectly encapsulate his entire situation.

@темы: от 10k до 20k, NC, Inception, AU


Title: Remember, Remember
Recipient: waltzing_mice
Author: Anonymous!
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin
Word Count: 16,500
Warnings: None
Summary: Prince Arthur gives up the person he loves to do his duty, but Merlin's impossible to forget.

@темы: AU, Merlin, NC, от 10k до 20k


Title: The Hunt
Recipient: vissy
Author: Anonymous!
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin
Word Count: 12,200
Warnings: knotting, rimming, rough sex
Summary: “Those Pendragons, they’re a different sort. Beastly, but clever. It’s said they’re drawn to magic--to power--and that’s how they find their... mate.”

@темы: AU, Merlin, NC, от 10k до 20k


RPF, Bradley/Colin (triggers: possible eating disorder, depression) Off camera, Colin is really extremely shy, especially around people he doesn't know well.

It was alright to harbor an unrequited crush on Bradley while it was just them and the girls. But with the new dynamic on set in S4, Colin feels like he's losing even his friend Bradley to the new 'more interesting' people. He can't change who he is, so instead of fighting for Bradley's attention, Colin rivets into himself, and soon the only time he's laughing is when Merlin is. With so many new people around, no one is watching him too closely, so when he forgets to eat time and again, no one notices. Until he collapses on set.

Bradley has always taken Colin's shyness for lack of interest, so he never said anything. Time for him to reveal his real feelings.

How To Fight Loneliness

Warnings: Eating disorder (food and body issues: anorexia), depression

@темы: Merlin, NC, RPS, от 10k до 20k


Title: La Petite Mort
Author: scatterglory
Pairing Arthur/Merlin
Rating: PG-13 for sexytiems.
Word Count: 2600-ish
Warnings/Spoilers: dub-con (boss/employee power differential).
Summary: Originally posted on kinkme_merlin for the prompt They are shooting a vampire show; Arthur is the director and has to show how to bite on a neck. Merlin (technician) is the first available "neck" in his proximity.

Title: Je Ne Sais Quoi
Author: scatterglory
Pairing Arthur/Merlin
Rating: NC-17 for sexytiems.
Word Count: 10,000+
Warnings/Spoilers: dub-con (boss/employee power differential).
AN: This was supposed to be a thing, but then it turned into a thing. A million thanks to the inimitable kathkin for the fantastic beta job! :)
Summary: Overgrown "encore" to La Petite Mort, wherein Arthur is still the director of a vampire show and Merlin is still a cameraman, and they do a great deal more than just neck-biting.

@темы: AU, Merlin, NC, PG, от 10k до 20k, от 5k до 10k


Title: Burning for Burning
Author: frantic_allonsy
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur, background Gwen/Lancelot
Word Count: 13,903
Summary: From this kink meme prompt:

Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Other, Other/Other
Merlin finds out that his boyfriend(Other) is cheating on him. So he goes to his best friend Arthur for some advice on how to confront the cheating boyfriend. Arthur, who has secretly been in love with Merlin for years, decides to take advantage of this glorious opportunity. Arthur tells Merlin that he should let the boyfriend catch him cheating too. Merlin doesn't want to have sex with someone he doesn't care about, Arthur knows this of course so he carefully suggests that he would be more than willing to participate and have sex with Merlin! (What else are friends for?) Merlin is a little shocked at first, but agrees as long as Arthur promises their friendship doesn't become awkward. Arthur agrees because he's just wanted this for so long, he would do any thing to make it happen. Also Arthur suggests that they should at least 'practice' a few times so when the boyfriend 'catches' them it will seem like a natural thing to them. I would love to see their friendship develop into a very intimate romantic relationship through the means of hot revenge sex :) And Arthur/Merlin happy ending!

@темы: AU, Merlin, NC, от 10k до 20k


title: The Prince Regent of Camelot
fandom: Merlin
pairing: Arthur/Merlin
rating: R
warning: spanking, underage, non-con spanking and belting, angst, character death (neither Merlin nor Arthur)

@темы: AU, Merlin, NC, от 10k до 20k


Title: Intended
Recipient: daydreamfantasy
Author: new_kate
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin, brief Merlin/Gwaine and Arthur/Other
Word Count: 17K D:
Warnings: Teacher/student, school setting, age difference (18 and 27)
Summary: "Kids have crushes on teachers all the time. It's perfectly normal."

@темы: от 10k до 20k, NC, Merlin, AU


Title: Could It Be Magic
Recipient: nene
Author: planejane
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin
Word Count: 12,500
Warnings: Modern AU
Summary: It’s early 1994, and age of consent for gay men is lowered from twenty-one to eighteen, which frees nineteen-year-old Merlin to pursue the Lesbian and Gay Society (LGSoc) golden boy, Arthur Pendragon. From the very beginning the attraction is mutual, but what they both discover as they fall head over heels, is that an even bigger freedom comes from knowing you’re truly loved, for everything you are.

@темы: AU, от 10k до 20k, NC, Merlin


j'veux ton amour, et je m'en fous d'après
Eames/Arthur, ensemble
Word Count: 14,700
Rated NC-17

@темы: Inception, от 10k до 20k, NC


Title: The Big Secret Gay Love Affair
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Warnings/Spoilers: Modern AU so none.
Word Count: ~12,000
Summary: The one where an incompetent sales assistant and his gorgeous manager have to hide their relationship from the world. Because Arthur’s an insecure prat sometimes. Cue the clichés.

@темы: AU, Merlin, NC, от 10k до 20k


Title: Teenage Dream
Recipient: onelittlesleep
Author: Anon!
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin. Side pairings include: Lance/Gwen, Leon/Morgana, Gwaine/The World, Morgause/Morgana and Morgause/Freya.
Word Count: 12,785ish.
Warnings: Awkwardness, mild dirty talk, intoxication and suggestion of drug use (of the underage and sexy variety), marathon boy-sex, drastic cuteness, happily-ever-afters, mentions of STIs, sex and offensive language.
Summary: "Let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight."- Katy Perry

@темы: AU, от 10k до 20k, NC, Merlin


Title: In the Spaces Between
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: R
Words: 16,100
Warnings: Major character death and minor character deaths aplenty (including a stillborn child); violence; the briefest allusion to rape; descriptions of self-harm; suicidal thoughts; angst; unhappily-ever-after
Summary: Written for this prompt over at the kink meme: Arthur/Merlin, Merlin dies. Alternatively, Arthur is so stricken with grief that he goes on a mad quest looking for a sorcerer to bring Merlin back to life. When it finally happens, Merlin is horrified because it's truly impossible to just bring someone back to life like that and he's fairly certain he's some kind of half-dead abomination. Arthur doesn't care. Bonus points: This is how Merlin lives forever waiting for the Once and Future King!

@темы: Merlin, NC, от 10k до 20k


Title: Keep Your Secrets
Fandom: Merlin
Authors: new_kate and lolafeist
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: R
Warnings/Tags: pre-series canon AU, hurt/comfort, non-explicit off-screen non-con, captivity/bondage, non-explicit torture (hunger, dehydration), violence, romance
Disclaimer: They're not mine.
Words: 17k~

@темы: от 10k до 20k, NC, Merlin, AU


Title: Though it may look like a disaster
Author/Artist: swatkat24
Rating: R
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Arthur/Merlin
Word Count: 11,320
Summary: Merlin and Arthur are stranded on a deserted island. There's a lion, and some powerful magic.

@темы: AU, Merlin, NC, от 10k до 20k


the Happy Endings series

Happy Endings
Summary: Arthur is a full-service masseuse. Eames is his favorite customer.

Running On
Summary: Arthur gets out of a bad situation and into a nice suit.

@темы: Inception, NC, от 10k до 20k


Title: A New Low
Words: 15000
Pairing: Arthur/ Merlin, background Gwen/Morgana
Disclaimer: This is written purely for entertainment, and I am aware that I do not own the BBC's version of these characters.
Summary: Written for this prompt at kinkme_merlin, which asked for diabetic!Merlin stuck in a lift with Arthur. It grew from there.

@темы: AU, Merlin, PG, от 10k до 20k


Title: Screen control your motherboard
Words: 11k + pictures
Rating: PG
Summary: Arthur is Merlin's tech support at work.

@темы: от 10k до 20k, PG, Merlin, AU


title: discovery
fandom: Inception
pairing: Arthur/Eames
rating: NC-17.
wordcount: ~14,000 words.
summary: Written for this prompt over at the inception kink meme "Arthur goes to a bar with his friends to celebrate getting hired at a new job. He meets Eames, who is tattooed and unshaven, sporting a leather jacket and generally rough-looking. It's lust at first sight, because he's everything Arthur's attracted to but won't let himself have, and Arthur is giddy and low on inhibitions.
They have an incredibly hot night, and Arthur does the walk of shame in the morning, swearing he'll never do it again even as he's shivering with memories. Eames is hot, but obviously a dumb thug, not up to Arthur's standards. But when Arthur shows up to work on Monday morning, Eames is his gorgeously-suited, suddenly erudite and brilliant boss. But Eames doesn't seem to remember him!". Lawyer AU.

@темы: NC, от 10k до 20k, Inception, AU


Title: Showmance
Recipient: sabriel75
Author: cassie_black12
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur, Morgana/Leon, implied Gwen/Lance
Word Count: 10,403
Warnings: None
Summary: When his doctor suggested he take up a hobby to counteract his stressful lifestyle, Arthur had no idea just how big a change it would make.

@темы: AU, Merlin, PG, от 10k до 20k

Things Behind The Sun