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Arthur/Merlin Modern AU, high school/college/uni
Arthur and Merlin hook up at a party (randomly and secretly) but the next day Arthur claims loudly and to anyone that he was "so wasted" at that party that he doesn't remember much past the beginning of the night. No one finds out about them, and Merlin wonders if he really WAS that drunk. It happens again, though, at another party, and this time Merlin KNOWS Arthur was not drunk, but Arthur claims the same thing. It happens several more times over the course of the year, with Arthur continuing to claim ignorance or outright denying Merlin, and...???

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laughing with fools at you
hard R. merlin/arthur.
{you see what they do to faggots in films and in the telly. they get beat up. they are rejected. they are pathetic caricatures of unhappy, lonely people.}

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You Let Your Ladder Down For Those Who Really Shine
Arthur(Neil)/Eames, [Mysterious Skin] warning: references to non-con/rape
Arthur refuses to have shower sex.

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Revenge Leads To Murder
by anon; Comment Fic on kinkme_merlin; 32c Parts;
NC-17; Violence, stalking, kidnapping
Prompt: Merlin Emrys is a rookie cop who is teamed up with the more experienced Arthur Pendragon.

@темы: AU, Kink Meme, Merlin, NC


Arthur loves Merlin and Merlin loves Arthur but Merlin has avoidant personality disorder and starting a relationship is hard on both of them.

Merlin doesn’t like being seen next to Arthur because he thinks he will make Arthur look bad. He will not allow Arthur to see him naked because he is ashamed of his body (maybe he compares himself to Arthur’s former lovers) and he never initiates any physical contact. He is afraid Arthur will leave him as soon as someone better comes along and going out together is a chore for Merlin who doesn’t like being amongst people who he thinks looks down on him.

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Things Behind The Sun