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Time Forward


While still at uni, Arthur Pendragon meets two people who become his best friends. He falls in love with one of them... but marries the other. This isn't his story to tell; it's Merlin's. And Merlin will always remember that he met Arthur first.

(Modern setting. Angst. Arthur/Gwen Arthur/Merlin).

@темы: AU, Merlin, PG, от 20k до 40k


Three's A Crowd
Summary: Arthur is the third wheel in his own relationship.

The Third Wheel
Angstish/Semi-Domestic/Humour. Well, maybe a touch or two of angst.
Summary: Arthur is the third wheel in his own relationship. Part 2.

@темы: Inception, PG, от 5k до 10k


Title: La Petite Mort
Author: scatterglory
Pairing Arthur/Merlin
Rating: PG-13 for sexytiems.
Word Count: 2600-ish
Warnings/Spoilers: dub-con (boss/employee power differential).
Summary: Originally posted on kinkme_merlin for the prompt They are shooting a vampire show; Arthur is the director and has to show how to bite on a neck. Merlin (technician) is the first available "neck" in his proximity.

Title: Je Ne Sais Quoi
Author: scatterglory
Pairing Arthur/Merlin
Rating: NC-17 for sexytiems.
Word Count: 10,000+
Warnings/Spoilers: dub-con (boss/employee power differential).
AN: This was supposed to be a thing, but then it turned into a thing. A million thanks to the inimitable kathkin for the fantastic beta job! :)
Summary: Overgrown "encore" to La Petite Mort, wherein Arthur is still the director of a vampire show and Merlin is still a cameraman, and they do a great deal more than just neck-biting.

@темы: AU, Merlin, NC, PG, от 10k до 20k, от 5k до 10k


Boarding school comment fic: they're roommates and Arthur's a little infatuated and a dick and stuff.

@темы: PG, Merlin, AU, от 5k до 10k


CIRCUS AU. Psychic :: Magician

pyrimidine | PG-13 | ~3,600

@темы: от 1k до 5k, PG, Inception, AU



Breathe Into It

Summary: When Mal leans into his office and asks Eames what he did to his back, he can't exactly say, "the new graphics intern," so he says, "Oh, just stress, love."

@темы: AU, Inception, PG, от 5k до 10k


Title: A New Low
Words: 15000
Pairing: Arthur/ Merlin, background Gwen/Morgana
Disclaimer: This is written purely for entertainment, and I am aware that I do not own the BBC's version of these characters.
Summary: Written for this prompt at kinkme_merlin, which asked for diabetic!Merlin stuck in a lift with Arthur. It grew from there.

@темы: AU, Merlin, PG, от 10k до 20k


Title: Screen control your motherboard
Words: 11k + pictures
Rating: PG
Summary: Arthur is Merlin's tech support at work.

@темы: от 10k до 20k, PG, Merlin, AU


stay awake through summer (like we own the heat)

Summary: "so we can stay like this forever."

Notes: Arthur is 14, Eames is 15. This was originally written as comment fic around two pictures, one of which is this: 29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_la50ldpa9I1qdbe9ho1_...

@темы: AU, Inception, PG, от 1k до 5k


Yes, I'll admit that I'm a fool for you

Summary: “Because you’re mine, I walk the line.” Or: It’s 1956. Eames is a rebel. Arthur’s just a high school kid.

@темы: PG, Inception, AU, от 1k до 5k


Title: For the Weary
Wordcount: ~5,000
Summary: When Arthur becomes King, Merlin overworks himself.

@темы: Merlin, PG, от 1k до 5k



Title: All Its Splendid Glory
Fandom: Merlin
Rating: R
Word Count: 8,000+
Notes: Merlin/Arthur set in an alternative version of post-S1 Camelot. Not strictly canon-compliant but not radical AU either. Title from the song 'Truth' by George.
Summary: In the two years and five months Merlin has known him, Arthur has been enchanted to love people he ordinarily wouldn’t nine times. Merlin simply never expects Arthur to be enchanted to love him.

@темы: от 5k до 10k, PG, Merlin



Title: Showmance
Recipient: sabriel75
Author: cassie_black12
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur, Morgana/Leon, implied Gwen/Lance
Word Count: 10,403
Warnings: None
Summary: When his doctor suggested he take up a hobby to counteract his stressful lifestyle, Arthur had no idea just how big a change it would make.

@темы: AU, Merlin, PG, от 10k до 20k


A Lever and a Place to Stand
by Lassiter

Summary: Modern day AU. When a peaceful march for the equal rights of magicians ends badly, Merlin is forced to hide out in the apartment of law student Arthur Pendragon.

@темы: от 10k до 20k, PG, Merlin, AU


The Greedyhearts
Pairings: Eames/Arthur
Original prompt: Eames is a high-end thief. Arthur is a private investigator hired to catch him.
Summary: Ridiculous events ensue; something like love happens somewhere along the way. (Warning for extra bad Eames spelling, haha)

@темы: Inception, AU, PG, от 1k до 5k


Title: One Simple Idea
Characters: Eames/Arthur
Universe: Inception
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2100
Warnings: None
Summary: They'd kissed in the airport after the Fischer job. It was the most efficient inception Arthur had ever witnessed.

@темы: Inception, PG, от 1k до 5k


Title: To see is to guess
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A touch is enough to make Arthur see the tragedy in other people's life.

@темы: Inception, PG, от 1k до 5k

Things Behind The Sun