Записи с темой: mcr (список заголовков)

title: Promises, Promises (Don’t Send Me Back In 30 Days)
pairing: Frank/Gerard
rating: NC-17
words: 26,300
prompt: Stockholm Syndrome
warning: Strong non-con/dub-con scenes; potential squicks and triggers. Stockholm Syndrome; non-con/dub-con sex (oral and penetrative); Dominance/submission; bondage (handcuffs); forced cross-dressing/feminization; criminal activity; violence; blood/bruising; handwaving elements of the American justice system.
summary: “Sources on our investigative team say this was a bank robbery gone wrong, and that, when faced with a police task force surrounding the building, the suspect grabbed the nearest person and is now holding that young man at gunpoint as he makes his getaway.”

@темы: AU, от 20k до 40k, NC, MCR


title: Guilt
pairing: Frank/Gerard
rating: NC-17
words: 7300+
prompt: 373: Gerard is a priest. Frank is an altar boy. Frank lusts over the new priest. Gerard has to advise a rebellious teenager Frank. Frank comes on to Gerard, but Gerard is horrified over abusing any trust and recoils away from Frank even though he finds Frank really hot. But someone sees! and they think Gerard is a pervert. It comes out and Gerard leaves the priesthood. A couple years later Frank is totally legal and comes across Gerard who is a drunk because of what happened. Frank feels really guilty and vows to make Gerard's life good again.
warning: Catholic kink, hebephilia, major angst and pining, alcoholism.
summary: Frank has an obsession with Father Way.

@темы: AU, MCR, NC, от 5k до 10k

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